fine Greek fruits
unbeatable in taste and aroma

Greek apricots and peaches available in a wide variety of quality, cuts and packages

PEACH DICES (cubes) - our current SPECIAL OFFER

All about Greek peaches

100g of Peach contain only 30 Cal.

Peach production season:
Mid-July - early September

Apricot production season:
June: for Apricots


Dices (cubes) - The alternative package 5kg tin, to aseptic or frozen package.

*************** SPECIAL OFFER ***************

To be used in various ways:
1) Preparation of fruit snacks
2) Preparation of fruit cocktail
3) Yoghurt factories/producers
4) Bakery - confectionery industry, Bakeries for decorating tarts, cakes and other sweets.
Country of Origin: GREECE
Quality grades: CHOICE – GOOD STANDARD
Package: 5 kg tin. easy to handle
Brix options: light (14-16) or heavy (17-19) syrup
Self life:3 years from production date

A product for the industry - produced from fresh, mature cling yellow peaches.

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