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Peach basics

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GREEK PEACHES - world's best peaches - fruitful in taste and aroma.

In Greece, first in 330 B.C. historian Theophrastus is commenting on peaches as Persian apples. Antiphanes another historian refers to peaches as golden apples and Plinios also in the 1st century B.C. was referring to peaches “dorakino”.
Today peach in Greece is called RODAKINO. (roth'akino)

The Greek peach production consists of:

1) table peaches, 2) nectarines and 3) industrial production
The majority of peach production takes place in the northern part of Greece in Macedonia (Makedonia).
The two dominant areas are the vicinities of Imathia and Pella. Pella was the capital of Makedonia (Macedonia) Philip & Alexander the Great kingdom. The vicinity of Imathia is producing 47%~50% of the total Greek production. Together with the vicinity of Pella they cover 90% of the total Greek production. In the vicinity of Imathia the production capacity of table peaches is about 80.000 ton., 145.000 ton. for industrial use and 38.000 ton of nectarines.