fine Greek fruits
unbeatable in taste and aroma

Greek apricots and peaches available in a wide variety of quality, cuts and packages

Peaches aseptically packed

Aseptic basic's

Peach production season:
Mid-July - early September

Apricot production season:June

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Aseptically packed Apricots or Peaches cut in dices or slices.

Peaches in aseptic bags are easier to handle than frozen ones, cost less for transportation and storage and are for immediate use.

Country of Origin: GREECE
Cut options: slices and dices 6x6, 10x10 (special upon request)
Packing option 1.: aseptic bags of 220lt (in metal drums) / 80 drums / 20ft
Packing option 2.: aseptic bags of 220lt (carton drums) / 80 drums / 20ft
Packing option 3.: 20lt (carton box). / 77 cartons/ palette; 770 cartons/fcl, 10 pallets/fcl - 20ft.
Brix level:  9,5-11
Self life: 15 months from production date