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Greek apricots and peaches available in a wide variety of quality, cuts and packages

Peach Puree

All About Puree

puree is available:
A: single strength (10-12) or NFC
b: concentrated form (30-32)

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Puree for the industry.

Our puree a natural yellow product produced from ripe sound and undamaged clear fresh peaches without any additives (like colorants), preserves , sugar, or other.
An excellent product for the juice industry guaranteed for its quality. Available also from apricots.
Our puree is packed aseptically in bags placed in conical drums.

Country of Origin: GREECE
Produced from: whole yellow cling peaches
Brix level A.: 10-12 this is the NFC or single strength puree
Brix level B.: 30-32 the concentrated version of puree
Self life: 18 months from production date or 24 if refrigerated
Storage conditions: In a covered dry area protected from sun and humidity, ambient temperature
Self life when opened: 72 Hours if pre-chilled . Refrigerated at temperatures lower than 5C.